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How to use?

Instructions on how to apply our signature tattoos :

Easy 5 steps to apply

Step 1 : Please make sure your skin is dry and clean, free from any oils, lotions, sunscreen or glitter.

Step 2 : Remove the clear Plastic Cover

Step 3 : Apply face down on clean, dry skin

Step 4 : Soak with wet tower or water throughout the entire tattoo for 20 seconds or longer

Step 5 : Remove the paper of the tattoo from skin


***Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or if allergic to adhesive

How to remove?

Instructions on how to remove the temporary tattoo:

Step 1 : Simply apply household rubbing alcohol, make-up remover, baby oil or olive oil with a cotton cloth onto the temporary tattoo for around 20-30 seconds

Step 2 : Gently rub away the temporary tattoo until it disappears.